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We understand what keeps leaders up at night.

Could your programs be more effective?   Do you easily evolve with ever-changing conditions?  Could your agency's reputation with the governing body and your constituents improve?  Is your organizational culture where you want it to be?  

Our team at Blue Heron Leadership Group (BHLG) has been there too.  Through the development and implementation of award-winning programs, to nationwide recognition by our peers, we have conquered restlessness and excelled in delivering public services that are effective, high-quality, compliant, and affordable. 


A Small Business with Big Experience.

BHLG is a small business established in 2019 to address the evolving needs of public service organizations.  Spearheaded by three innovative leaders guiding Public Works and Environmental Services at Fairfax County, VA - one of the largest and arguably most progressive counties in the United States - our mission is to help public service organizations deliver high-quality services effectively, safely, and affordably, while attaining regulatory compliance.  Our values-centered approach is based on building trust and relationships with public works organizations, state regulators, and industry.  Our leadership has led efforts that are national examples in safety culture, sustainability, accreditation, asset management, program development and evaluation, and economic development.  


We have the right experience and proven skills to support you and your team's path to success.    

Working Together
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