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  • North Hill

    • Project:  North Hill Development

    • Owner:  Pennrose Development, Community Housing Partners, and Fairfax County

    • Project Description:

      • Five Affordable Housing Apartment Buildings

        • 216 Multifamily Units

        • 63 Senior Independent Living Units

      • Public Plaza Connected to Richmond Highway

      • 12-Acre Park

    • BHLG role – Owners representative for project management and construction management services

    • Project value - $120M

  • Mount Vernon Community Center

    • Project:  Mount Vernon Community Center

    • Owner:  Fairfax County Neighborhood Community Services and Housing and Community Development

    • Project Description:  Renovation of a 1970’s Private Tennis and Racquet Club into a County Operated Community Center.  Repair, upgrade, and modernization of building systems including HVAC, fire protection, and electrical.  Accessibility improvements and conversion of court surfaces to safely support basketball and other indoor recreation programs.

    • BHLG Role:  Owners representative for project management during design, permitting, procurement and construction/close-out.

    • Project Value - $2M

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  • Tysons West Wastewater Project

    • Project:  Tysons West Wastewater Project

    • Owner:  Fairfax County Wastewater Management

    • Project Description:  Expansion and modernization of wastewater infrastructure in western Tysons to accommodate growth and modernize and rehabilitate community wastewater infrastructure.  This project is a critical component of the county vision to convert Tysons to a mixed-use, transit oriented, pedestrian friendly community where residents will be able to live, work, and play.  The project includes the construction of an upgraded pumpstation to handle the increased flows and realigned and increased capacity of both gravity sewers and force mains to safely convey the flow to treatment facilities.

    • BHLG Role:  Strategic Advisor for community and county relations and routing and facility design decisions.  Community outreach and engagement strategy guidance and support.

    • Project Value:  $100M

  • Little River Glenn Elevator Replacement

    • Project:  Little River Glenn Elevator Replacement

    • Owner:  Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development

    • Project Description:  Replacement of outdated hydraulic elevators in four senior resident apartment buildings.  Upgrade of fire alarm control panels and elevator life-safety equipment.  The apartment buildings will be occupied during the renovation and require the installation of a temporary lift and special attention to the safety, security, and communication with the building occupants and apartment management company.

    • BHLG Role:  Owners representative for construction administration services on a fast tracked project utilizing CDBG funding.

    • Project Value - $1M

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