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Safety and Regulatory Compliance

A core requirement and expectation of any public service organization is to achieve 100% permit compliance.  Other aspirational goals cannot be sought without first achieving this base level of service.  The challenge is an ever-changing regulatory environment and conflicting and unclear requirements.

Blue Heron Leadership Group has extensive experience working with OSHA, VOSH, EPA, and state regulatory agencies, and can guide your organization to:

  • Evaluate and negotiate permits to improve clarity and ensure requirements are achievable;

  • Develop detailed permit compliance plans and operating procedures;

  • Conduct pre-audit reviews to test for compliance in a confidential environment;

  • Provide post-audit services to develop response letters and compliance plans;

  • Create a safety-first culture and policies, programs and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance;

  • Implement innovative safety programs such as AVL and driver safety dash cams, driver training, coaching  and mentoring. 

  • Work with employee groups and unions to embrace and support safety as a core value.

Technicians at Work
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