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Strategic Planning and
Organizational Excellence

Unleash the power of your organization.

Blue Heron Leadership Group can guide your organization to:

  • Develop and operationalize organizational guiding principles - mission, vision, and values;

  • Create a culture of excellence throughout the organization from the executive team to the front line;

  • Develop business plans that prioritize and align services;

  • Improve organizational readiness and agility to anticipate change and evolve services;

  • Create programs to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent;

  • Provide executive coaching;

  • Implement effective performance management systems.

  • Develop and evaluate standard operating procedures to help ensure efficiency and predictability in work;

  • Evaluate workflows for efficiency and comparison with best practices;

  • Evaluate and streamline permitting programs to improve the speed, consistency, predictability, and quality;

  • Develop quality control systems and assurance programs focused on executing and delivering results;

  • Support  industry (such as APWA) self-assessment and related accreditation efforts and continuous improvement programs.

Giving a Presentation
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