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Steve Aitcheson, PE

Steve Aitcheson is known as a transformation leader for public works operations, leading organizations and programs for nearly 30 years at Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES).  He is an expert in modernizing organizations, transforming them into results-driven centers of excellence that are profitable, compliant, safe, and customer-focused.  Personnel engagement has been a central focus.  In just one year, under Steve's leadership, his team turned a $3M deficit into a surplus for the DPWES Solid Waste Division.  At the same time, he also led a safety campaign that reduced recordable injuries by 85% and cut lost time due to injuries in half, leading to the organization’s “Biggest Safety Improvement” award from the Solid Waste Association of North America in 2017.  Under DPWES Maintenance and Stormwater, Steve's team ensured audit-clean full-compliance with the Clean Water Act, responsible for roughly half of Fairfax County’s clean water discharge permitting.  He is known for his boots-on-the-ground responsibilities, on the front-line for emergency responses to major hurricanes, snowstorms, and other major natural disasters for nearly all of his career, and has been responsible for the functionality and integrity of hundreds of dams throughout the 400+ square mile County. 

Education, Certifications, & Licenses
  • BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech   

  • PE in Virginia and Arizona

  • Environmental Sustainability Professional (ENV-SP)

  • National Incident Management System

  • Past Solid Waste licenses/certificates

​Key Positions
(Fairfax County)
  • Deputy Director of Public Works and Environmental Services

  • Director of Solid Waste Management

  • Director of Stormwater Planning

  • Director of Maintenance and Stormwater Management

  • Biggest Safety Improvement, Solid Waste Association of North America

  • Cooperator of the Year, No. Va Soil & Water Conservation District

  • A. Heath Onthank Award, Fairfax County's highest recognition for staff

  • Awards of Excellence in citizen response, wastewater, stormwater, planning & zoning, transportation, emergency response, and safety

(Fairfax County)
  • Engineering Standards Review

  • Environmental

  • Employee Communication

  • Engineering and Technical Professions (Chair)

  • Business Alignment 

  • Other-Personnel Board, City of Peoria, AZ

  • APWA Solid Waste Management Knowledge Team

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