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Strategic Planning and Organizational Excellence
Giving a Presentation

Unleash the power of your organization.  Engage your employees, your customers, and elected officials in setting a common set of goals and values to guide your organization.  Build a culture that expects excellence and values individual strengths and contributions.  Build credibility for your organization through open, honest dialog and meaningful performance metrics. We can help you stand up new program areas and evaluate existing programs.

Capital Project Management and Construction Administration

Does your organization need support to deliver complex capital projects?  Our team brings over 100 years of experience in the delivery of capital projects of all sizes and types.  We provide owners representative project management services for planning, entitlement, design, permitting, construction and project close-out and occupancy. 

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

A core requirement and expectation of any public service organization is to achieve 100% permit compliance.  Other aspirational goals cannot be sought without first achieving this base level of service.  The challenge is an ever-changing regulatory environment and conflicting and unclear requirements.

Woman with Safety Helmet
Tropical Storm
Community Resilience and Emergency Management Operations

How does your organization respond during an emergency?  When the community needs you most, are you ready to perform at your best?   Has your community evaluated risks and adequately planned, prepared, and mitigated threats?

Wind Turbines on Water
Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Successful sustainability programs improve community resilience, conserve limited resources, and seek to enhance the environment in which we live.  These programs also seek to create greater social equity, and create a positive economic benefit to the community.

Aerial View of Freeway
Asset Management and Infrastructure Reinvestment

American Society of Civil Engineers has rated the state of the Country's infrastructure at a D plus.  Where does your community stand?  Deferred maintenance and reinvestment are a threat to our future if not addressed.  The challenge is how to invest our limited resources wisely.

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